About Us

The Institute of Waste Management of Eswatini (IWMEswatini) is a multi-disciplinary non-profit association that is committed to supporting professional waste management practices and we are a chapter of the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA).

Our organisation comprises of voluntary members who promote environmentally acceptable, cost effective and appropriate waste management practices. We strive towards the protection of the environment and people of Eswatini from the adverse effects of poor waste management by supporting sustainable best practical environmental options.

oUr vision

 To be the leading organisation supporting the waste and secondary resources sectors in Eswatini to achieve a clean and healthy environment.

Our mission

To support and promote sustainable best practice in the waste and secondary resources sectors.

  •  Contributing to improving waste management standards and legislation
  •  Fostering communication between all stakeholders in the waste industry
  •  Supporting and promoting global trends in sustainable environmental practices
  •  Supporting international, national and regional trends in best environmental practices
  •  Practising affordable cost effective waste management
  •  Training and awareness creation on integrated waste management
  •  Promoting the value of waste as a resource
Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics, shall be binding upon all members of the Institute of Waste Management of Eswatini (IWMEswatini) and any breach thereof shall be dealt with by an ad hoc disciplinary committee constituted from time to time by the Council of the Institute:

All members shall:
1. Uphold the reputation of the Institute and not bring the Institute into disrepute.

2. Abide by the Constitution, Policies and By-laws of the Institute. 

3. Comply with all relevant legislation pertaining to waste management and the environment. 

4. Conduct themselves in an honourable and ethical manner and shall, so far as possible, always have full regard to the interests of the public and the environment. Furthermore, their conduct shall at all times be conducive to maintaining the good reputation of the waste management industry. 

5. Maintain their knowledge and skills at levels consistent with development in technology, legislation and management. 

6. Apply due skill, care and diligence in conducting their business and / or rendering services and only accept or undertake work for which they possess, or can acquire and manage with responsibility, the necessary professional competence and organisation. 

7. Obtain any contract, service or sale only through legally acceptable business practices. 

8. Not intentionally impugn the professional reputation of another member. 

9. Advertise their services in an honest manner, which is not derogatory to the dignity or standing of the industry. 

10. Only issue statements on behalf of the Institute, if specifically authorised by the official Institute spokesperson. 

11. While occupying a position of Office in the Institute, shall not use their position to promote their own business interests.