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IWMEswatini Request For Proposal

30th March 2022


IWME Waste Indaba 2022


The Institute of Waste Management Eswatini (IWME) is looking for an events coordinator to facilitate organising its first waste Indaba. The objectives of the event are to;

Promote the visibility of the IWME by holding an event that will inform key stakeholders about the existence and purpose of the organisation

initiate a networking platform for stakeholders in the waste sector and 

raise funds for participation at the WasteCon 2022


It is also expected that the IWME will, through this event, receive feedback from stakeholders on their expectations and requirements from the IWME. This information must be collected and used to inform the direction and position of the organisation.


Maximum 3 pages of a proposal is required with a projected plan and costing. The proposed date for the event is the second week of June. All formal proceedings should be scheduled for 3 hours.

Proposal should be finalised and approved by 18th April 2022

Key milestones completed by 29th April 2022

Waste Indaba: Second week June 2022

The event coordinator will work with IWME and report to the Waste Indaba organizing Committee.

 The event coordinator will be selected based on their creativity, cost and experience. You can contact the Office on the following email address to setup an appointment virtually should you need to get more information about the event before submitting the proposal.

Due date for proposal submission: 13th April at 12H00

The event coordinator is not limited to some of these ideas which the IWME intends to show case:


  • ü  Showing the organisation through its branding
  • ü  Showing Member Benefits
  • ü  Showcasing current members


  • ü  Individuals and organisations to have contacts that will add value to business

  • ü   Exchange of Information

  • ü   Create a Platform for stakeholders to be visible

3)Raising Funds

  • ü  Attract new members

  • ü  Solicit at least 3 Patrons

  • ü  Get sponsorship for planned projects


IWMEswatini Latest News


From the Left:  IWMSA Council, Nash Dookhi (Kwa-Zulu Natal Chair), Nande Suka (Eastern Cape Chair), Nicolle de Bryun (Executive Manager Business Administration), Patricia Schroder (Central Branch Chair), Brendon Jewaskiewitz (IWMSA President), Mpendulo Ginindza (IWMSA Vice President), Reon Pienaar (Western Cape Chair), Richard Mamba (IWME President) and Ann Oosthuizen (Membership Manager).

16 March 2022
IWME meets IWMSA council

The Institute of Waste Management of Eswatini (IWME) President, Richard Mamba attended the institute’s first ever meeting with the Council of the Institute of Waste Management of South Africa (IWMSA), which was held at Nkanga Lodge in Kempton Park on March 16, 2022. This was an important meeting for IWME as Council was doing the final officiation and welcoming the organization on board.


Mr Mamba met with the Council to report on the developments on the Chapter, which was launched on December 2, 2021 in Mbabane, Eswatini.  


The IWME is a chapter of the IWMSA 


The Institute of Waste Management of Eswatini

Support and Promote Sustainable best Practices in the Waste and Secondary Sectors