Types of training offered by IWMEswatini:
  •  SAQA Accredited and
  •  IWMEswatini Recognised Trainings

Stay up-to-date with waste management legislation, hazardous waste classification, waste management policy and waste beneficiation to name a few.


IWMEswatini Recognised Waste Training Courses:

  •  Waste Management Training Programme
  •  Hazardous Waste Management Training Programme
  •  Waste Legislation Training Programme

IWMEswatini Upcoming Training:

  • Waste Management Accredited November 2022
  • Waste Pickers awareness IWME Approved February 2023
  • Circular economy workshop IWME Approved March 2023
  • Waste legislation IWME Approved April 2023 
  • Waste Characterisation IWME Approved May 2023
  • Hazardous waste IWME Approved June 2023
  • Health care risk waste IWME Approved July 2023
  • Industry Standards and compliance for entrepreneurs
  • IWME Approved August 2023
  • Business skills Accredited September 2023
  • Train the trainer Accredited October 2023
  • Waste Management Accredited November 2023

SAQA Accredited Training offered by IWMEswatini:

• NQF 1, USD 119302: Select, use and care for hand tools and basic equipment in environmentally related contexts
• NQF 1, USD 119303: Handle and dispose of waste
• NQF 1, USD 119305: Demonstrate an awareness of the impact of human activities on the environment
• NQF 1, USD 119306: Recognise, group, use and care of materials which can impact on health and the environment
• NQF 2, USD 119554: Apply environmental management tools to assess impacts
• NQF 2, USD 119555, 9 credits: Separate, handle, store, treat and transport waste
• NQF 2, USD 119556: Use tools and operate equipment in an environmentally responsible manner
• NQF 2, USD 119558: Work with, use and care for materials and resources which can impact on health and the environment
• NQF 3, USD 119822: Collect data for environmental management purposes
• NQF 3, USD 119830: Operate specialised vehicles and/or complex static or moving machinery and equipment

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